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Mayank Kothari


Application Design & Development

Developing desktop applications using Microsoft .Net Stack. Writing efficient algorithms to solve the complex problems using simple approach is one of my key expertise. I also have knowledge of designing the software architecture to make the development process easier and faster.

Designing easy to use GUIs and make the Human Computer Interaction easier, is one of my forte. My designs are always focused on the skillsets of the end users and purpose of it's use. I always believe that if you want people to use your software, make it's features easier to access and efficient to complete the task.

Technologies: • Create Software Architecture and UML Projects using Microsoft Sketch Flow and Visual Studio
•, VB.Net, WPF & WCF
• Microsoft Expression Studio to create rich GUIs (WPF)
• Experience on VS 2008, 10 and 12

Website Design & Development

Designing responsive and beautiful websites is in key skills. I focus on the nature of the client's business and it's branding to create a website which can attract maximum eye balls and visitors. My designs are always upto the latest market trends. UI elements are crisp and are best viewed on all display devices including the latest handheld devices. I'm also developing a Flat UI elements library which is based on the metro UI and also looks beautiful on retina displays.

Analytics is the another aspect that I focus on. It is very important to understand which part of the websites user visit the most and which page gets minimum trafic. I prefer using Adobe Busines Catalyst (for I worked with Adobe and know the benifit of BC) but I also have knowledge of Google Analytics.

Technologies: • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• Intermediate knowledge of JQuery and some libraries like Bootstrap, Node, Initializr, Boilerplate, Angular and Polymer (learning).
• I also have sound knowledge of PHP.
• I also have intermediate knowledge of and use it when required.

Graphic Designing

That's what I love doing. When I do this, I feel zero work pressure. I put in my creativity and designing skills to come up with a superb design!!! My designs are always focused on the client's requirements and branding. I also create print ready designs and color proofing.

I also go out for a photoshoot, if required, to provide the designs relevant to the theme.

Technologies: • Certified Expert in Adobe Acrobat 9, X & XI.
• Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop
• Certified Expert in Adobe Captivate 5.5
• Certified Expert in Adobe LiveCycle Form Designer ES2
• Knowledge of Adobe InDesign CC, Flash and Fireworks

No man, I don't do chemical reactions

But have good knowledge of SQL Injection. I'm an expert in database administration and have in depth knowledge of building SQL queries. It is one of my forte to write highly efficient SQL queries and handle huge discrete databases on large distributed networks. Playing with data chunks is my favorite pass-time on job, and I tell you, I am best at it!!!

Technologies: • SQL