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Mayank Kothari


Anshul Rajwansh

I designed this responsive web template. Designing this website for a fashion designer to give a wonderful effect to the design.


A-Team Hospitality

This website is compltely dynamic and a big Online Job portal for Hospitality where the employers and job seeker can access gets their required information and further execution for the recruitment processes.


An emerging garments store for ethnic dress wanted to have an online shopping website designed. I designed this website for an Indian client which majorly deals in exporting their quality products. Shopping cart works beautifully and helps the merchant in making dollars.


Jeet Villa

This was designed for another resort in India. Website shows beautiful scenes in the slider and the color scheme goes with the wall paint of the resort itself.

Nature's Park

Online Shopping project for a merchant of Indian Spices. A reflection of the entire store can be seen online. A nice looking icon was also desgined which goes with the business concept of this merchant.