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Mayank KothariProfessional Face


Mayank KothariPersonal Face

My Professional Face

I'm a technology lover and when I say technology, I mean the latest, not the old school chalk board types. I love technology and those who know me, know that I'm a '24 hours - technology linked' guy. When i was in class 6th my dad surprised me with a PIII PC whose configuration was 533 MHz + 64 MB + 32 GB and I LOVED IT!!! Since then I started loving 'IT'. (Though, today my nokia lumia 925 has much higher configuration ;) )

Friendship with Computers

Unlike other kids in my school, I started learning CMD and didn't like MS Paint much. Sooner, I moved to FoxPro, DBMS and then jumped in the ocean of 'Blue Screen'... No..No..No.. don't you think dirty... I meant C/C++ and not what you thought. :D Since my PC wasn't capable of running higher graphical language, I kept working on C/C++, HTML and sometimes SQL Queries or PostScript.

Engineering in Computer Science

My interest in learning low level languages helped me in winning many 'Code2Win' competition during my graduation. I was a known C++ Graphics Designer in my college. During my engineering degree in Computer Science, I was selected in Microsoft Student Partnership program and started learning .net, which opened my eyes wide like a dSLR with large aperture.

First Project - Big Learning

Super FM 91.9

During our graduation, we hooked up a big project to design the website of a popular radio station - Super FM 91.9 We were competing with some big web-development companies to get this project and with our presentation, we finally got it. On the top of it, we lauched it in three days. This experience was a big learning curve and we kept growing after that.

Full Time Jobs

after completed Graduation

Since I had done CCNA certification during my graduation, I got a job in Dell India and I started my career as a Network Engineer. My as they say, 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' - and I belong to programming. My knowledge of software and website devlopment dragged me back to my city and I joined Innovation Software Consultancy. I worked as a Software Developer and was responsible for designing the Software Architectures and core codebase libraries. In my carrier with this organization, I designed dozens of websites using, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. and many large desktop applications using,, SQL etc. Within next 1 year, I became familier with MVC and Agile methodology. Thanks to Mr. Nitin Chouhan for helping me in learning these core technologies. I also worked with Searuza, a software development company and gained some experience as a Sn. Software Developer.


But some people are born to be an entrepreneur. They employ others rather being employed by others. I'm one of them. With the co-founder, Mr. Nadeem Lohani, I founded my company - Infinite Technologies. After three years of hard work and successfully developing more than 100 applications and websites, now my company is recognized as Global Infinite Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Today, I have a vibrant and enthausiastic team of engineers working towards the goal of the organization and we take care of their development. For more information on my career and the projects I did in my professional career,
please have a look at my CV.

My Personal Face

If you haven't read my Professional Page yet, I want to tell you that I spend my day reading technical articles and making hobbist projects related to computer technology. But, if you've already read the professional page, then trust me - I'm a fun loving person and don't miss any chance to go out with my friends whenever I get some time from computers.


Music is my 24 hours companion. I listen to the music when I work, while driving and keep my iPod on even when I sleep. It keeps me calm and relaxed from my hectic schedule. I have a big collection of music and best quality sound system fitted in every part of my home. You can hear loud music right on my front door on weekends... and sometimes late at night (i've got nice neighbours ;) ).


Many people find it weird but it's my hobby to do some research. It is not necessarily in the field of computers but mostly related to technology. I try to create small scripts to do some funny tasks or buy some networ adapters to build a multi-system signal repeater. These keeps me engaged with the latest market trends and close to technology.


Let me introduce you to my friend, Sandeep Verma, who I can always count upon. With him, I completed the first project of my career and even build a humanoid robot during my graduation. We both learnt the computer technologies together and were the winner of many science competition and won the Innovation and Creativity award in during our engineering degree. Trust and reliability is something in our blood and keeps our friendship alive... now don't think too much... we both have our girls. ;) :D


That's what I do to show off. :) Please have a look at my 'Professional Face' to know more about this.

What Else

I'm a big time foodie. I like most of items that you see in any menu and eat them like eat them like it is my last supper. I believe in all cultures and respect all religions. I do have faith in 'Mother Nature' and consider it my almighty. I enjoy talking with people from different culture and go out with my friends.